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Favorite Homes is a boutique residential home builder based in Fairfield.  Wondering what makes us unique?  We sit down and draw out each home, making each one unique so that they encompass the vernacular of their site and neighborhood.  Even small changes can make a huge difference. We incorporate the newest features, newest fixtures and best functional design layouts.

Favorite Homes creates dream homes to the highest standards—with a truly personal touch. Scale, flow, light, function and finishes are of utmost importance.

We repetitively examine every space, from an empty muddy lot, to a nearly finished kitchen or bath, to determine the best layout, the best lighting, the best VIEW. Your home should be an oasis of form and function and uniqueness.

Homeowners who buy from Favorite Homes have exquisite taste, big ideas and demand homes that stand above the rest. They need more than just a contractor, but a building partner.  A partner with honesty and integrity, that is willing to make the impossible a reality.

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